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A video is now going viral all over social media after a video of a performance was uploaded on Facebook. We all have seen epic fights and women being jealous when their man was being seduced by a different woman but this one is quite shocking and as well as hilarious and it is now going viral all over social media.

The video shows a woman who is dancing on the stage while having a performance. Now, she is looking for a partner to dance with and one man was picked by the girl. You can see in the video that the man was being forced by his friends up until he gave in and went in the stage. Now, as the girl give her a dance, the crowd didnt expect that the girlfriend was there and has caused this hilarious show.

Source: Facebook
A video is now going viral all over social media after a surveillance camera footage from a bank robbery was uploaded on social media and it caught a heroic act from a father and a soldier that was home from war. We all have seen different stories and videos of bank robberies but this one is quite different because it is an experience were everyone can relate on how a father would protect his children and this has made the video circulate all over social media.

The video shows a man with a green shirt with a gun attempts to rob a bank. While he was busy the Hero Dad, War Veteran Staff Sgt. Eddie Peoples, instructed his sons to get down to safety and take cover behind the chairs. But the robber so whats he is doing so he pointed the gun towards the kids and warned that if he moves the kids were going to get it. When the robber gets out, the veterean immediately run towards him and pursued and disarmed the the robber. People saw what he did and lauded him for his bravery. Now, a cctv footage was uploaded on social media and immediately went viral and many netizens lauded him for his heroic act.

Source: Youtube
Another controversy that has been the talk of the town by many netizens on social media after a woman brought to facebook her concern regarding a girl who allegedly a mistress of her husband. We all have seen different stories of cheating in social media but this one is really quite weird because the girl who was being blamed is now speaking out against the issue and she is denying it.

Recently, the girl named Isiah Victoria have been underfire after a controversy about her was posted by a facebook user named Luzviminda Panteleon. According to the post that Lizviminda brought, she was exposing the girl's doing with her husband.  Victoria is apparently seducing the husband and asking him to buy an iPhone7 for her. The post immediately went viral all over social media and many people have been disgusted and now netizens are bashing Victoria's account. Now she finally spoke up about the issue but many netizens are not convinced about her explanation. The issue has gone viral all over the internet up to the point that many social media pages, channels, websites have reblogged the controversy.

Source: Ncatalyst // PhilNews
We all have seen different men being exposed of their cheating on social media. Some of them were really extreme because they were caught red handed by their partners as well while some we can see violent reaction from both sides of the parties because one cannot control and accept what is happening with their relationship. But this story was brought to facebook and its quite different, and now the story of this man has gone viral all over social media and netizens have labeled him as of the ultimate cheaters.

The post was brought to facebook because of man named JM Almodiente and allegedy accused by three women that claimed to be his girlfriends. In the series of photos, you can see how this man was worked so hard in cheating these girls and apparently he is quite good in joggling three girlfriends at the same time. He all calls them "Asawa" or wife as a form of endearment and he has a 2 children in one woman and now the other one is pregnant and he is as well as dating another girl. The three girls talked to each other in messenger and compiled snaps of their conversations and brought it to facebook to warn other girls that might be his next victim. Now, the post immediately went viral online and many netizens gave out their sentiments and were all disgusted with what he did and it went to the point that a lot of social media users, pages, channels and websites. 

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Most of the time, things will always get worse in a relationship if one of you are pursuing a greater career and as well as moving into a wider world. Just like what happened to the phenomenal actor, James Reid and his ex-girlfriend Ericka Villongco. We all know that having a celebrity as your partner is really hard because there are more people that hits on your partner, everyone's eyes is on you even if you are not giving them any attention and others will always try to break you apart. Well here's what an ex-girlfriend of a celebrity James Reid feels like after they break up and it is now going viral all over social media.

On an interview during the behind the scenes of his onscreen partner, Nadine Lustre’s 21st birthday celebration, James Reid finally cleared the air out. He said the decision to breakup is mutual and it is something that is better way for everyone. “I wanted to take my showbiz career seriously and I found it too hard at the same time — handling both relationship and work — and I had such a big opportunity. I didn’t want to waste it. She [Villongco] understood naman,” Reid honestly answered. Now, photos and vides are now resurfacing online and it is now again going viral all over social media. Many fans, supporters, and netizens were caught on this issues and it has been circulating all over.

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Lately, many of us have seen all over the internet the weird wedding traditions that is made to couples, bridesmaids, and groomsmen in China and it has gone viral all over the internet. And now, another one of this wedding tradition has been the topic of social media users after a video of a couple who were forced to do a wedding tradition was posted on Youtube.

The video shows a couple who celebrates their wedding day and was happy and all yet they had to go through this bizarre tradition that they need to do it infront of their guests. The couple were in a room filled with lots comfy pillows and red blankets, it was lovely and all yet friends and guests are all looking on them as they were cheered to go for it. You can see that the couple are really embarassed and they were just being forced in doing it. One of the guest couldn't contain herself, she steps in and forced the two as she pulls out the sheets. The video gained quite an attention on social media as it was shared by different social media channels, pages and websites.

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Many of us will agree that having a Long Distance Relatioship (LDR) is really hard. Because you are far away and some things are not the same when you are far. Like you cannot really know what really happened to your partner because you are far away but thanks to our modern technology it allowed us to talk to each other everyday but still it cannot capture certain things and at the end of the day it is about having faith in your partner and choosing to love no matter what. Like this video about a couple who had a long distance relationship and now going viral all over social media.

The video shows a mam who had to work abroad and left her girlfriend in Philippines and promises to her that he will comeback. After sending her many gifts and having talk to her every day on the phone and on the internet, the man finally decided to go back to the country and surprise her. Then one day, the guy showed up and ended up the girl wasn't able to see him because it turns out that her girlfriend became blind after one car accident when he was abroad. The guy was hysterical and he didn't know what to do. He was there to surprise her and propse to her but he was the one that was surprised. He took a step back for a moment, reflect on the things that had happened, cried alot, and goes back to the girlfriend and hugged her and proposed to her. It was really a beautiful sight, despite of what happened the guy still chose to love and marry her. The video went immediately went viral all over social media and it gained a lot of views up to the point that people, channels, pages and webpages are reposting the video.

Source: Youtube
A video is now going around social media after authorities found this boy that has been missing for two years. We all see different kinds of crazy news all over the internet but this one is really insane and now many social media users were intrigued of what happened to the boy for the two years he had been missing.

The video shows a boy was rescued by the authorities after people reported that there is a weird sound coming from the inside of the wall. People who are passing by were afraid because no one was there but they hear a voice that was singing while they are walking around the wall. Now, authorities have been looking for this boy for two year up until the suspicions came along and they decided to tear the wall apart. Apparently, the boy was trapped inside for two years and was rescued by the authorities and people who reported it took a video of the miracle that the witness. The singing boy became viral all  over the internet for it gained the attention of many social media users up until many channels, pages and websites reblogged the video.

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Everyday we are surrounded by our toxic environment which means that we are exposed to these toxins on a daily basis and we all know that we cannot avoid these toxicity completely. Even in the food we eat all of it were loaded with chemicals. But we all know that our body removes toxins in a natural manner.

There are two Kinds of Toxins:

Water soluble toxins, which are removed through the kidneys and the blood. Fat soluble toxins, which are difficult to be removed. Fat Soluble Toxins are difficult to remove and they can only be completely removed only when they become water soluble and some of these toxins are:
  • Pesticides
  • Heavy metals
  • Preservatives
  • Plastics
  • Food additives
  • Pollutants
  • Various environmental compounds
In this process, the liver plays an important role. Even though the digestive system and the detox pathways are functioning properly, these toxins can still reach the blood, fat cells, and brain, from the liver. Moreover, these toxins can be there in our bodies for years.

In order to prevent these toxins from staying inside our bodies, the digestion, detox pathways and stress levels should be properly regulated. When we digest the meal, two types of fats (toxic and nutritional) are mixed from the stomach to the small intestine. Then the bile from our liver and gallbladder emulsifies them in the small intestine. The small intestine has millions of tiny villi and lacteals (finger-like mucus membranes that resemble grass).

These villi and lacteals absorb the nutritional fats and move the toxic fats to the liver for procession. In this way, our gut is cleansed. In case the detox pathways are damaged, the toxic fats won’t be eliminated. As a result, they will be stored in the body.


The Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue, or GALT, is the initial part of the lymphatic system which surrounds the intestinal tract. This is where lacteals cause the absorption and processing of both toxic and nutritional fats. It is necessary for this part to have properly functioning villi and lacteals. Then the lymphatic system takes the absorbed fats to the liver. The good fats are used by the liver for the production of:

Cell membranes
Brain cells

Once processed, our liver will mark them for removal.

In case of a congestion in the lymphatic system, there is a severe impact on the process of usage of good fats and removal of bad fats. .There are several symptoms which indicate congested GALT which is harming the lymphatic system:

Swelling in breast; breast tenderness in menstrual cycle
Skin irritation/itching
Elimination problems
Additional weight around the belly
Stiffness in the joints
Swelling in hands/feet
Irregular headaches

Stress and poor diet can affect our intestinal villi, which can affect the functioning of our bowels. Prolonged constipation can make the intestinal villi dry, which can result in the production of reactive mucus.

When there’s too much mucus, bloating can appear besides normal stools (1 to 3 normal bowel movements daily). Moreover, more frequent bowel movements may appear and the stools may look like diarrhea. In case you notice mucus in the stool, pay your doctor a visit because it may indicate excess congestion in the villi.

When this happens, the delivery of good fats, excretion of toxic fats, the normal immune response, and the health of the intestinal skin cause obstruction of the process of disintegrating toxins. Normally, the neutralization of toxins absorbed into the lymph is performed by immune-boosting white blood cells in over 500+ lymph nodes in the lymphatic system. When there is too much mucus, the toxins are directed back to the liver.

To prevent this from happening, there must be an established balance of the mucus membranes. Some other factors, such as: stress, processed food, coffee, soft drinks, food additives, and hyperacidity, may affect the intestinal villi.

Maintenance of proper health also requires an ideal flow of bile from our liver. The bile helps in digesting fats and has the ability to work as an effective immune system responder within our digestive tract.

Bile disintegrates all toxins that can be harmful to the body. If your diet consists of large amounts of fiber, the large amount of bile will be removed through stool. However, if your diet lacks fiber, 94% of the bile will be reabsorbed by the liver for recycling. Toxins will also be included in this process. In such a situation, the liver can become overwhelmed as it is not expecting the return of these toxic fat cells.

This can result with congestion in the liver over the long term. Moreover, our bile can become very thick and sludge-like. This makes it harder for the bile to break down fat-soluble toxins because it will not be able to ward off the acids from stomach that enter our small intestine. This will trigger the mucus production, irritate the villi and cause congestion. As a consequence, the entire digestive system will be affected.


The toxins and the sludgy bile result in congestion within the biliary tubes in our liver, the liver lets fat-soluble toxins into our blood stream. The toxins will then reach the fat cells and get stored for years. This leads to damage due to free radicals. This will cause numerous health problems, because over time, these toxins can transform into neurotoxins and get stored in the fatty tissues in our brain.


It is important to detox our body through the fat metabolism. The elimination of fat cells helps in further toxin removal. This can be achieved by burning fat, losing weight, improving the lifestyle, reducing stress and incorporating a healthy diet.


As we mentioned before, when the lymph and the villi are congested, absorption of the food fats is made impossible. This results in allergies to soy, dairy and wheat. Such foods are too heavy, difficult to digest and require high amount of mucus. Moreover, the high amount of gluten they contain causes irritation of the intestinal walls. This can stimulate release of additional reactive mucus even when there is too much mucus in your gut and the stomach and upper small intestine didn’t break down the gluten effectively. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to remove wheat and dairy products completely from our diet.


In case of loose stools, mucus in the bowel, or regular constipation, it may be a sign of detoxification and pathways issue. Moreover, if you experience pain or nausea after eating certain foods, it may mean that there is a toxic fat storage. Fighting this issue may mean that you should take proper care of your health and pay close attention to your diet. There are foods which may help in the process of liver cleansing, such as: garlic, beets, green tea, grapefruit, carrots, avocados, apples, olive oil, limes and lemons, green leafy veggies, turmeric, walnuts and cabbage.

We present you one of the best methods for cleansing your liver and bile.



3 lemons or a single large grapefruit
4 tbsp epsom salt
Half cup of virgin olive oil
Apple juice (you may also use malic acid supplements) – optional


4 to 5 days before starting the treatment, you should take as many apples you can or drink apple juice. You may also use malic acid supplements. In the last two days, take 8 ounces of apple juice every 2 to 3 hours. This will help in making your cleansing process a success.

During the 1st day of the treatment, start with a light breakfast without any fats. This will help in the accumulation of bile in the liver, creating pressure. It will help in removing stones from the liver.

At 2pm the same day: Mix 4 tbsp of Epsom salts in three cups of water in a jar. Keep it in the refrigerator. Avoid taking any food after 2 pm.

At 6pm: Take three-fourth cup of the mixture from the jar. To improve the flavor you can add 1/8 tbsp of powdered vitamin C.

At 8 pm: Take again three-fourths of the mixture. You shouldn’t do anything after doing a liver cleanse, just lying down and sleeping.

At 9:45: Take a jar and add half cup of the virgin olive oil into it. Take the grapefruit and squeeze the juice into the jar. Use a fork to remove the pulp. This will give you half to three-fourths juice to mix with the olive oil. Close the lid and shake well.

At 10 pm: Drink this mixture. Try to consume the whole mixture within 5 minutes.

Then, lie down on your right side. The right knee should be kept up pointing to your chin for around 20-25 minutes. Avoid any movement and you can go to sleep.

In the morning, just after you wake up, take three-fourth cup of Epsom salt dosage and you can again go to sleep. Consume the remaining salts 2 hours later. Then, wait for another 2 hours before you take anything (avoid solid fruits yet). You should take only fluids and then gradually move to fruits.

Source: Minionscoop
A video is now going viral all over social media after what happened with these twins in a situation where in there are no adults around. Did you know that around 25,400 children are injured every year in the country by falling furniture and Of those injured, one child dies every two weeks as a result of their injuries. But heroes come in all shapes and sizes - including extra small, as a two-year-old boy discovered when his twin brother rescued him from a fallen dresser and the cctv footage of the extreme feat is now going viral all over social media.

The boy's name is Toddler Brock Shoff was playing in his bedroom when a dresser tipped over onto him as his brother Bowdy - and the home's surveillance cameras - looked on. What followed was an impressive feat of cool-headed action - and impressive strength - from the pint-sized heroic kid. The video was posted on Facebook Sunday by the kids' parents as a warning of the dangers of tipping dressers and its shows that Brock already trapped and crying under the corner of the heavy dresser. As the boy shifts around, the pressure on his ribcage is really hard and with mom Kayli upstairs for just a moment, there are no adults around to help  but luckily Bowdy doesn't need adults. He calmly walks around the dresser, trying to figure out how to help his trapped twin, before coming up with a plan. At first, he tries to lift it up with his bare hands - but it's just too heavy. Then he tries pushing it - and the furniture slowly begins to move and his brother was set free. The video caught the attention of many netizens and it went viral all over social media. Many social media users lauded the boy for being calm and thinking of a way to help his brother. Now, the video went viral up to the point that many social media users, pages, channels, and websites are talking about it.

Source: Youtube
The rumored treasure of the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita during the World War II was finally found by local hunters inside a cave yet to their surprised it was implanted with miniature bombs. We all have heard the legend of the Tiger's treasure that it has huge masses of gold and it was secretly hidden in the caves and mountains of the Philippines but up until today people are still in the quest of searching for it that is why many netizens in social media were all shocked and surprised for what they have heard.

The video shows a number or people cleaning thoroughly the cache of golds of the rumored Yamashita treasure in a dark cave in the Philippines. The video was posted on Facebook last January 2, 2017 and the Facebook page claims that this is a video of locals who found the legendary treasure of the WWII Japanese general. In the post they captioned, "The secret of the Philippine caves.... Yamashita treasure dig and found by the locals a large cache of gold bars that has been implanted with a miniature bombs." The video went viral all over social media for many social media users where surprised and amazed of the discovery yet some aren't convinced if it was true or not.

Source: Youtube
The actress of the famous and phenomenal love team JaDine, Miss Nadine Lustre, is now on the social media spotlight and has been the talk of the town ever since after photos of her recent vacation has gone viral all over social media. The actress is always known for her magnificent beauty and her dazzling beauty but now a lot of fans and supporters were all surprise after they saw the post and have been of the beautiful body physique of the actress.

The actress posted a photo of her during their holiday vacation at San Juan, La Union. The actress displayed her dazzling beauty and as well as her curves and this made many netizens amazed. The photo immediately went viral all over social media as many fans, supporters and netizens were really lauding the actress and it went viral to the point that many of the social media channels, pages and websites reblogged the photo.

Source: Instagram // Part 2
A video is now going viral all over the internet after a man survive a crazy intense shark attack that was caught on film by a certain facebook user. We all have seen many movies about sharks and how brutal it is to have experieince such kind of attack but yet many of us are still fascinated on how these animals behave up to the point that we go out to the sea and dive in inside a cage just to see these creatures. Just like this man who went out in deep sea and is now going viral all over social media after what happened to him.

The video shows the man was inside the viewing cage when a great white shark suddenly attack and pushes himself in the cage. The people around the boat were all shocked and in panic as they tried to rescue the diver inside the cage. You can see that the shark is struggling and bleeding up until the shark went out of the cage. After that the men started to pull the diver out and luckily he was alive. The video caught the attention of many internet users for they are all surprised and amazed on how the man lived and how shocking it was to be attacked by a shark. The video went viral all over social media as many social media users, channels, pages and websites reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube
You can find a lot of FREE Courses and Colleges Online, but nothing beats TESDA as you can have a training certificate to use in finding a job after you finish such course and make it to the assessments.

Just like our previous post about the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, TESDA, in an effort to uphold education to every aspiring Filipino learners is by giving free learning and education online, this article will be teaching you on how to enroll and sign up for the free online program.

Before signing up, be sure to check the list of courses offered by TESDA Online College using this link:

Here are the things you might probably need before proceeding to the tutorial:

An Internet Connection
A Desktop Computer / Laptop or a Smartphone ( just choose any of the given gadgets to access the online education platform website)
A Valid and working Email Address

Now that you have the things needed let us now proceed by clicking the nav below:

STEP 1: Go to website and click the login permalink located at the upper-right corner of the site.

STEP 2: Create a new account. To do so, there is two link option given, just either click the 'New Account' or the button 'Create new account.' Both two will only redirect you to the same page.

STEP 3: After it, you will be redirected to a new page or form that will ask you for your information. Try to supply it only with the facts about you and don't ever forget to answer the CAPTCHA correctly.

STEP 4: If you see this image, this means you have successfully signed up for completing all the required blanks. Click the Continue button and head over to your email address provider.

STEP 5: Since there is a lot of email services platform, some interfaces won't look the same like mine, but you will surely receive a similar mail like i had. To continue click for the link given to confirm your account.

STEP 6: After clicking it you will be once again redirected to TESDA's online program, to start your course click the 'Courses' button.

STEP 7: You can now choose your desired course to learn. As highlighted you can also find your name below proving that it is you logged in to the program.

STEP 8: After you finally decided and clicked on what course you will take first you will be headed to its modules, and probably you should choose the first module as any incomplete module will result an unfinished course. And an unfinished course won't make you to have the assessment exam.

STEP 9: In it, you will be asked for confirmation, just click yes.

STEP 10: Once finished enrolling to the course, you will now be taken to a particular page where you can see all the lessons under the module you selected to begin your studying.

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A video is now going viral all over social media after a Nigerian national named Moses Akoh covers one of the famous songs in the country and he did it flashily and made many filipino netizens amazed. Now the video of his cover is going viral all over social media.

The video shows the artist guested in a radio station called Wish 107.5 and it was on a guesting where in an artist will be performing live on the bus. Now fans were all surprised when the Nigerian started to sing the song "Kahit Kailan" by South Border. The song was really popular love song in the country and to many filipinos his cover was really amazing. Many had commended himfor what he did and were saying that it was really perfect. Now, many netizens were sharing the video in different social media channels, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube
The singer song writer, Ogie Alcasid, is now on the heat as the social media spotlight is upon and has been the talk of the town ever since after a video of him is now going viral all over social media. We all know that Ogie Alcasid has recently transferred his and has signed a contract on ABSCBN and many netizens were shocked and surprise and everyone was left with a question why did he transfer. Now, the question has been finally answered in the video clip that was posted on social media where in he guested in the show called Tonight Show With Boy Abunda.

The video shows at first that he is welcomed by the host Boy Bunda and he responded warmly because he realized that everyone in ABSCBN is his friend and he knows almost everyone. Suddenly, the host asked him why do singers like him are transferring at ABSCBN, he answered that in ABSCBN offers a much more broader opportunity for musicians like him. The video caught the attention of many social media users and now gone viral all over. Many gave out their sentiments and many are all excited for Ogie to be part of the upcoming projects of the station. The video went viral up to the point that many social media channels, pages, websites reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube
The model and actress, Ellen Adarna, has been on the social media spotlight and has been the talk of the town after a video of her has gone viral all over the internet. We all know and have seen that Ellen is quite disciplined and very beautiful but always known for her spontaneous videos which always made many netizens surprised. Now, another one of her videos has risen in the social media scene and now have been surprising many social media users.

The video shows first that the actress was looking for something and she suddenly told everyone on the video that her Yaya killed her pet cockcroach. She suddenly picked up the dead cockcroach on the ground and showing it off on the camera and every person who walks in the room. She also wished everyone a Happy New Year! The video immediately went viral all over social media for many netizens finds the video very hilarious and many are lauding her for not being fastidious on everyday things. The video gained the attention of many up to the point that many social media users, channels, pages, and websites reblogged the video.

Source: Facebook
We all know that people wants to own the latest of gadgets and technology that is out on the market but some of us couldn't have one because these gadgets are quite expensive. Yet some people who might not look rich but can afford the latest gadgets and it is pretty insulting when someone ask you can you afford it? Like this billionaire man in thailand who was insulted by the staff when he ask questions about a phone that he wanted.

The video shows that he stepped into the store and he asks a few questions about the Iphone 7 to a saleslady that was present that time. The saleslady was pissed because the man didn't look like he had enough money to buy the phone and it looked like he was just trolling. Then the lady asked him if he can afford the gadget, the man then felt insulted and his voice became louder. Later on, the man bought the phone and then smashed it infront of the saleslady while walking out the store. The next day came, the man went in bought all the phones and gadgets in the store and paid extra money because he wants to trash the whole place because of the saleslady who insulted him. The store manager was pleading yet the man didn't give in and still went on to destroy everything that is inside the store. After the he went out and he was seen driving a Roll Royce Ghost. The video later on became viral all over social media and it caught the attention of many netizens all over the internet. People are saying that it was a lesson for them not to judge people by their looks.

Source: Facebook
A video of a weird chinese wedding tradition has gone viral all over social media and many netizens find the video really disturbing and an awful one. We all have seen different wedding traditions that are now on the internet and yet another one rises because what this guest did to a certain bridesmaid in the wedding. In the past a lot of video have been posted on social media which features such awful and weird wedding tradition in hope that people should stop the abuse on women but yet the cycle continues and it is now happily done by many people and have been going around social media ever since.

The video shows that seven men are mobbing a bridesmaid and was happily touching her and recklessly slamming their bodies on her. Many of us will think, yeah we have seen wedding games and tradition but this one is definitely weird and not fun at all. In the clip it shows that the bridesmaid is really having a hard time while seven men are touching her, pushing her and groping her while the guest are all laughing. The video caught the attention of many social media users and it immediately went viral all over. People are giving out their sentiments to stop the abuse and harrassment done to women. The video was soon reblogged by different social media channels, pages and websites.

Source: Youtube
A certain Jollibee crew named Edcel Ched has been on the social media spotlight recently because of one netizen who posted her photo on social media and netizens find her as a look alike of the Holywood Actress "Chloe Grace Moretz". The photo immediately went viral all over different social media websites and now Jollibee together with Mega Style had come up of something that surprised Edcel and stunned many social media users online!

They made a video where-in while Edcel was working at Jollibee Navotas Branch,  the Asia's Top Model Finalist named Katrina Rodrigue went in the store and ask for her. She broke out the news that Jollibee and Megastyle will give her an amazing Make-over! The video shows the transformation of the jollibee crew and it caught the attention of many netizens. Later on, the video even got the attention of the hollywood actress herself and tweeted that she agrees that they do look alike. The video went viral as Edcel Ched dazzles many social media users of her and build up a lot of fans.

Source: Facebook
One of the official Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry and their filmmakers are now the talk of the town after a controversy rises because of what they did on a scene on the film. We all have seen different controversies that had happened in the past but this one is quite different because its just a violation of the rules of the festival but rather it might be a violation against the Law. The movie Oro is inspired by the 2014 Gata 4 Massacre, telling the story of four miners and against the Patrol Kalikasan because they were putting up an operation with lacking of permit. Now, one of the scenes caught the attention of people who watched the said movie because it shows that one member of the group came in with a villager's dog and it showed the preparations of cooking and eating the dog.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on Saturday posted a letter Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Thomas Orbos  and—in a move that echoes segments from the film—declared that the slaughtering of the dog was illegal as there was no permit filed to the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and the Committee on Animal Welfare (CAW). The said letter brewed in the controversy online and PAWS are determined to pursue whoever is responsible on what happened in the movie. Later on, in the official Facebook page of the film, Director Alvin Yapan stated that the crew 'shot a practice among ruralfolk where dogs are part of their foodfare.'  But PAWS pointed out on their letter that "Killing dogs for their meat is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act or RA8485, as amended by RA 10631. In the said national law, even the killing of dogs as part of religious ritual or ethnic custom of indigenous cultural communitites shall be done with proper coordination with the Bureau of Animal Industry and the Committee on Animal Welfare."

Source: PAWS
A story of a 24-year-old woman who was locked up by her parents in a filthy shed has been making rounds all over the internet. The girl's name is Zhang Qi and six years ago she allowed her boyfriend to her house for her parents to see him yet it was one of the biggest thing that had happened to her. She broke up with her boyfriend because her parents forced her to but her viscious parents locked her up in a dirty place. Photos were posted online by a netizen named Chow Jen because she pitied the girl. Chow Jen said that the people in the town knew that the girl was there but were afraid to tell the authorities because the parents of the girl spread a rumor that she was mentally ill. Though Zhang Qi tried to escape several times but people forbade her to and brought her back to her shed.

On an interview Chow Jen said, “Every time I came back for Chinese New Year I went to visit her secretly. On my latest visit though I saw her lying on a pile of straw with a couple of blankets and some food around her and I just decided enough was enough. Whether what they say about her having mental problems is true or not, she is being treated like an animal here and I’m sick of it so I contacted the police, and then posted the images online." The video report of the story is has gone viral all over social media and has gained quite an attention up to the point that people, channels, pages and websites reblogged the video.

Source: Youtube
For any kind of employment, one must make sure that you are following a proper process upon entering a company or job. For models, this means casting calls and go-sees. There are formal interviews conducted by art directors, fashion designers and photographers to see that the list of candidates are properly screened and they will decide who is the right one for their fashion campaigns. If you are on the proces of going in a casting call or a go-see, it is imperative that you plan in advance and make a remarkable impression. But it is sad to hear reports and stories that some women who wants to enter the modeling industry gets this kind of treatment and became part of a tragic trafficking incident.

Like this video report from PBS News Hour that these young students had to go through. At first a young student was just dreaming to be part of a modeling company and had applied online but little did she know that it was just a scam and it is a way to sell her. She will then be invited to a place where people are ready for her screen interview but little did she know that the sample photos that her "pretend" to be employer already posted them in a private website where in she was being sold to people who wants her. She then will meet the highest bidder and will be harassed her at the very same interview place which is now a "cyber den". The video report caught the attention of many social media users and netizens gave out their sentiments to the sad victims of these traffickers.

Source: Youtube