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WATCH: Anne Curtis Pulled Vice's Shirt Up! What Vice Did to Anne's Shirt Will Surely Shock You!

The TV host and actors, Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis, has been on the social media spotlight and has been the talk of the town of many people after a video of their episode from the noon time show called It's Showtime has been brought to social media.

The thing started when the comedian Vice Ganda hyped everyone by asking the people to jump and shout every time they think that what he says is true for them. He ended it with a joke and then he ran towards the crowd and let the people who are supporting him embrace him. But when he walks back to the stage he mentioned that somebody pulled his shirt so hard that his undergarment broke. 

It really brought laughter to the crowd. When he's finally at the stage, Vice stated that lately he's having a healthy lifestyle and he's starting to exercise which resulted to his curves.

But the shocking thing happened when Anne Curtis suddenly did the unimaginable to him.