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Vice Ganda Walks Out While On Air In It's Showtime, The Reason Behind This Will Shock You!

The phenomenal comedian and TV Host, Vice Ganda, has been on the social media spotlight and has been the talk of the town ever since after a video of him in one of the episodes in It's Showtime was brought to social media. We all know that Vice is quite popular for his witty jokes and funny hosting spiels and many have been happy for all he has done. Now, he tasted his own medicne during one of its episode and it has gained the attention of many netizens online.

The video shows that the Vice and his cohosts Anne and Vhong were talking about how much is the fare during the last time they rode a jeepney. Because they are all celebrities, the last time they rode a jeepney is quite cheaper than the usual fare today and everyone is laughing at the joke up until Anne told Vice that he is super old that the fare during his last jeepney ride is around 25 cents. Vhong joined in the joke when he said that it must be for free because he is already a senior citizen, Vice couldn't take the age joke so he walks out the set.

You can go watch the video on this link.