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Tulfo Got Irritated When This Man Blames The Taxi Driver Who Returned His Iphone Instead Of Being Thankful

The radio host and journalist, Raffy Tulfo, has been on the social media spotlight after this incident had happened in one of his radio segments. We all know that one of the advocacies of the Tulfo brothers

are helping the common folks in their legal counseling and fighting off the prejudices made by others to common people. For some they are heroes because they help people and goes beyond the imaginable to just give justice and serve the helpless people.

Now another one has been fulfilled but this time it caught the attention of many people because of what happened and everyone were shocked. A taxi driver found a phone that was lost by his passenger in his taxi and what he did is that because he didn't know how to operate the phone he surrendered it to the show of Raffy. The show called the owner and returned the phone but the owner was angry at the taxi driver for being late on reporting the lost phone. Now, Raffy was extremely angered and told the owner that he is ungrateful even though he recieves his phone back and he should be thankful the driver for doing the right thing.

Now, many netizens shared their sentiments and it is going viral all over. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook