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Shawn Mendes Gave Surprising Tweets About Liza Soberano! Netizens Were Shocked Of What He Did!

The phenomenal actress and model, Liza Soberano, has been on the social media spotlight after the singer Shawn Mendes brought this on social media about Liza Soberano.

We all know that Liza Soberano is popular across the country because of her dazzling beauty and many people admired her for that and even celebrities. Now, Liza is going viral after netizens saw what Shawn Mendes has to say about her.

A facebook page named Magcon Tagalog Memes posted a series of tweets and photos about Shawn Mendes. According to netizens, they saw Shawn Mendes tweeting about Liza and he found her really pretty. In the tweet he said, "Do you guys know the girl named Liza Soberano? I dont know, I just want to get to know her,

I admit she is really pretty", many netizens were happy with the post as it went viral all over. You can go check out the story on the link below.

Source: Facebook