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Ruffa Mae Quinto Posted Sizzling Maternity Photos To Inspire Women Who Just Gave Birth

The actress and model, Ruffa Mae Quinto, is on the social media spotlight after bringing her before and after maternity photos on Instagram.

We all know that the actress has recently gave birth to a child and a lot of people are concerned for her and it was a successful delivery. Now a few weeks later the actress posted something that caught the attention of many netizens especially women all over social media.

The photos showed a before and after photos of Ruffa and it has been a drastic change. We all know that when women are pregnant a lot of changes are happening in the body and many women are concerned of theirs too especially after giving birth. Now, in her post Ruffa encouraged women not to be ashamed of the changes in their bodies and it can easily be returned back to the way it used to be as long as you have the discipline in you.

You can go check out the photos on this link.

Source: Instagram