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Nadine Lustre Has Only 3 Words For The Netizens Who Told Her To 'Fix Her Attitude'

The phenomenal actress and model, Nadine Lustre, has been on the social media spotlight and has been an online topic and debate by many netizens after a netizens posted on twitter something shocking that caught the attention of netizens. We all know that the actress has been popular all over the country because of her successful projects, shows and tours but recently she has been on an intense rumors that had happened on their JaDine US Tour. Now, many netizens who are supporters are fired up regarding the issue.

In the post of social media user named Lynette Competente she apparently revealed that fans in certain area in the US were disappointed of what happened there. She also allegedly blamed that the actress didn't went on the scheduled dinner which fans has prepared for them. But many supporters of JaDine dugged in the issue and found out that the twitter user was apparently a fan of another love team which resulted in a massive online debate.

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Source: Twitter