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LOOK: Woman Buys Food At McDonald’s Wearing Just A Towel Goes Viral On Social Media!

A story is now going viral all over social media after a concerned netizens brought to facebook what she saw inside a Mcdonald's restaurant. We all know that it is summer season and the surrounding gets pretty hot

and during this season we loosen up on our clothes in order to feel refresh and at ease. Just like this woman, who took her clothes to the next level and has gained the attention of the social media world.

The facebook user named Vel Bernal posted a series of pictures of a woman who apparently was seen buying food at Mcdonalds wearing just a towel and pajamas. Many people were shocked inside the restaurant so she took pictures of the woman and captioned it "Wooow, si ate feel at home Na feel at home! Nakatowel at pajama LNG! Nyaaaaahhh…. Bumili LNG naman sya ng Mcdo. Bigyan ng jacket yan!" Though it might be her first time seeing a person doing things like that, the woman did really bought a meal in the restaurant like it was a normal day.

You can go check out the video on this link.

Source: Facebook