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LOOK: These 22 Celebrity Couples Were Dating Each Other Before!

A video is now going viral all over social media after a youtube channel called Kulitz20 brought to social media a video compilation about Pinoy Celebrities Couples who have been dating in the past.

We all know that many people are curious of the past relationships and the personal lives of their idols and was often looking for answers on the internet. Now, the video is rising to the surface as many people are surprised of the video.

The video shows different celebrities who are dating in the past, some were announced in public and some were really shocking and really personal but later on revealed. From veteran celebrities like Marvin Agustin, Polo Ravales, Oyo Boy Sotto to the current celebrities that are now in a relationships with other celebrities, this had lead to many people being surprised of what they saw. Though we all know that the dating scene among celebrities are the most awaited for but still it is

surprising because some of them really keep it private and really personal.

You can go watch the video on this link.

Source: Youtube