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Julia Barretto Got Irritated Because Of What Erich Gonzales Did! The Reason Behind This Will Shock You!

The phenomenal actress, Julia Barretto, has been the talk of the town on social media after a video of Erich Gonzales of her was brought by a youtube channel. We all know that the two have been close friends ever since and many netizens can see that they have a good relationship with one another. But sometimes we see these teasing moments, like many of us, we tried to tease our friends to the point that they are really mad.

The video shows that Julia is just checking her phone out and was reading out loud something related about her friend and co-actor Joshua. She did it to let Erich know of the situation but Erich was busy filming her up until Julia caught her taking a video of her. She was shocked and really pissed of her because she was really serious at that time but Erich is just tripping. She then stumbled some few words and made a mistake in pronouncing Joshua to "Chosua" and Erich continued teasing her which made her really mad.

You can watch the video on this link.

Source: Youtube