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"Jessy Mendiola Vs Angel Locsin" Controversial Underwater Photos, Judge Who Really Did Better!

The actresses, Jessy Mendiola and Angel Locsin, has been the talk of the town by many netizens on social media and online debate has gotten pretty intense

after these controversial photos were uploaded on their respective accounts. We all know that the two has been on a controversial issue after the break up of Luis Manzano and Angel and many netizens were caught into it. Now, another one has risen on social media after netizens saw these somewhat familiar posts that the two have made.

In their respective Instagram account, Angel Locsin first posted a picture of her swimming on a pool in a black swimsuit, and after a while, Jessy Mendiola posted apparently posted of somewhat the same kind of style and the same kind of photo. Now, many netizens saw the photos and were saying that she allegedly copied the posts of Angel and many netizens gave out their negative sentiments regarding the actress.

You can go watch the video on this link.

Source: Facebook