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How This Girl Lied To Her Boyfriend After Knowing That This Guy Wants Her To Go To Miami Thru His Private Jet!

Nowadays, we all know that some women choose men with much more financial capacity or in other words they pick rich guys over guys who are not that wealthy.

Some are blinded with their cars, big houses and money that is why the term "Gold Digger" is now rampant on our society right now. Many people often call them like that because people are now much more focus on material things rather than true love, like this video that is now going viral all over social media after what this woman did to her boyfriend.

The video shows that a woman was about to leave while a man asked for her number, she immediately refused because she judged the man by what he was wearing but little did she know that the man owns a private jet. When she heard the conversation that the man is having she changed her mind and decided to go with him on a private jet to Miami. She also ditched her boyfriend over the phone pretending that she was sick.

But what the man did next to her was really shocking and gained the attention of everyone on social media.

You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube