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How Much Did The First Ever Filipina To Celebrate Her 18th Birthday At The Mall Of Asia (MOA) Arena Spend? Find Out Here

We have all heard and seen the news about the first ever filipina named Dian Seranilla who conducted his 18th birthday at the Mall of Asia Arena last March 27, 2017

and many people are astounded of the glamorous occasion and it went viral all over. Many netizens were amazed and have wondered how much did she spend for all the things in the event. Now, news spread all over of how much it is to conduct a celebration in the MOA Arena as the website delivers a projection of the expenses.

The video immediately went viral all over social media and many people were astounded of how much they spend to have this wonderful event. gave out their positive and negative sentiments on the matter.
Now, the video story was being reblogged by many social media channels, pages and websites all over.

You can watch the video on this link.

Source: Youtube