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Girl Almost Won a PHP 85M Lotto Prize If Only Her Mother Did Not Make This One Simple Mistake!

A lot of us have always been dreaming of a better life, a life that is secure and a life of having freedom on doing things that we want.

Many of us try our best to give out our all in life and as well as take chances on our dreams even if it is just a wishful thinking we still do things and pursue the things that we want in life. Just like this young woman who has been the talk of the town on social media after putting her all in one lottery ticket and she is now going viral after the results.

The girl's name is Sheena Mesina and she brought to facebook a picture of a lottery ticket that caught the attention of many netizens. According to reports, she was always placing a bet to a certain number in a 6/55 lottery game in PCSO but one day she asked her mom to place her ticket for her and continued with her day. The next day she checked the results of the lottery and the exact numbers that appeared on the tv is the exact numbers that she is always betting on

but the sad reality is her mom made a mistake because her mom placed the bet on a different lottery game called 6/45 instead of 6/55 and she was really saddened.

You can go watch on the link below.

Source: Facebook