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Emergency Hotline 911 Receives a 'Pizza Order' From a Lady Who Needs Help!

We all know that domestic violence and abuse on women and children are now rampant in today's society and there are a lot of reports and cases that has been around all over the internet.

Every time we hear these things from different people it really is saddening and it is really hard for us to help but to sympathize to such people. Now, another one is now making its round all over social media after a woman called the 911 but what surprised them is the story behind which shocked many netizens online.

In the story in reddit they shared the quetion "Whats the one 911 call you can never forget". It was a group thread for different operators but what caught the attention of people is this 911 call that pretended that it was a pizza delivery order. The good thing with the operator who handled the call is that she had intuition that the culprit is in the house and the woman is in trouble but cannot explain her situation.

The story immediately went viral all over social media and many netizens lauded the operator for his critical judgement and as well as the woman for her witty idea. You can go check out the story on the link below.

Source: Reddit