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Creepy Story Of Lucia Joaquin Has Gone Viral On YouTube. It Features A Creepy Interaction Between Her And Enzo Cruz

A certain facebook user named Lucia Joaquin has been the talk of the town all over social media after a creepy story was brought by a facebook page. We all have heard and seen many creepy stories and many have left their mark on people after the scary circumstances that they have gone through. Now, another one rises to the surface as the story of Enzo's encounter with Lucia Joaquin has caught the attention of many.

The story started when a man named Enzo Cruz woke up in the middle of the night, it was 3AM to be exact and he cant go back to sleep so he decided to check his facebook. While browsing his page a woman named Lucia Joaquin message him and they had a decent conversation but Enzo was wondering why the photo of Lucia was somewhat dim, so he said to her to upload another picture so he could the face of his new found friend. But to his surprise, Lucia posted a picture of him and her sitting together in his bed checking facebook.

You can go check out the story on this link.

Source: Facebook