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Bulacan Beauty Queen Killed After Receiving Flowers And Chocolates From Two Unidentified Men!

A video report is now going viral all over social media after a horrifying incident happened to a former beauty queen in Bulacan.

We all know that crime is now rampant all over social media and that is why people are all terrified and on their guards to defend themselves but this one is really tragic and has saddened a lot of people on social media.

According to reports, a 23-year-old woman named Mary Christine Balagtas, a former Lakambini 2009 Beauty Queen, was shot dead after receiving a bouquet of flowers and chocolates from two unknown men at her house in Plaridel Bulacan. Authorities said that the gunmen have escape by a motorcycle and the woman was immediately brought to the hospital but didn't make it.

The report went viral all over social and many people were saddened of the news. You can go check out the video on the link.

Source: Facebook