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Awra Briguela Disappointed With Vice Ganda. Here's WHY

The phenomenal child actor and comedian, Awra Briguela, has been the talk of the town on social media after guesting in the show called Tonight With Boy Abunda.

We all know that recently Awra was hailed Grand Champion of the kids talent competition called "Your Face Sounds Familiar" and he is also very close to the TV host and phenomenal comedian Vice Ganda. But he is going viral after what happened in the finals of the said show because he expects Vice Ganda to do something for him.

The video shows a part of the interview where in Boy Abunda asks Awra about his disappointment with Vice. He said on the interview that as his mentor and a parent-like guardian in the industry he wants Vice to be there and be proud of him. He was texting and calling him but didnt received a reply that is why even though he won he was quite disappointed that day.

You can go watch the video on this link.

Source: Youtube