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Anne Curtis And Solenn Heussaff Had A Competition Of Who's Got The Most Sexiest Abs On Their Private Pool

The phenomenal actresses and model, Anne Curtis and Solenn Heussaff, has been on the social media spotlight and has been the talk of the town ever since after a video of them was brought to Youtube.

We all know that the two are really close friends ever since and was always spending time together because of Anne's fiance. Now, a video of them beside her private pool has gone viral all over and many netizens were lauding the two for what they did.
The video shows that the two were having a great time up until Solenn was teasing Anne for her good looking body physique specifically the abs. Now, Anne went on a revenge scheme and filmed Solenn but they had a contest instead of teasing. Solenn showed off her incredibly stunning abs while Anne shrugged it off as well.

You can go watch the video on this link.

Source: Youtube