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Woman Leaves Her Boyfriend Of 10 Years Because Of This Secret That She Discovered About Him! This Is Heartbreaking!

A story report is now going viral all over social media after a concerned facebook user named Xtinah brought to facebook her heartbreaking story.

We all have seen different stories of heartaches, breakups and cheating affairs but this one is really intense because for the longest time she stayed strong in the relationship she didn't know what's really happening to them. Now, when she uncovered everything she brought it to facebook and many netizens were caught in the story as they relate and feel the things that she was going through right now.

According to her post, she said that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for 10 years now and they are planning to get married this coming august 2018 but lately she had a hunch that her boyfriend is being cold to her. In her intuitive nature, she uncovered a secret that has been on going for quite some time now and she was shocked that her boyfriend is cheating on her for years. She discovered the relationship with another woman and brought to facebook all of their conversation and pictures.

Many people were enraged with the boyfriend and the story went viral all over social media. You can go check the story on the link below.

Source: Facebook