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WATCH: Senpai Kazu's Interview With Beautiful Girls Asking Them "Na Putukan Kana Ba? Ng Fireworks?"

The social media sensation and vlogger, Senpai Kazu, has been on the social spotlight after a series of interviews at the Moa Pyrolympics. We all know that Kazu is very popular on social media

for his amazing video reviews and interviews. Now, another one is making its round on social media and have been bringing fun and laughter to many people.

The video shows that Senpai Kazu were interviewing beautiful girls and asking them "Naputukan ka na ba ng fireworks?" This is because they are related to the event but being hilariously misinterpreted by the girls being interviewed.

The video immediately went viral all over and many netizens find the video hysterically hilarious. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube