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WATCH: Caught On Cam! Jesus Statue Opens and Closes Its Eyes in Church!

A video has been circulating recently all over social media after a Youtube channel brought to youtube a video of the statue of Jesus who apparently opened its eyes.

For there are a lot of mysterious things that are going around the internet but this one is for some miraculous but for others its just way too terrifying. The video is now going around and it caught the attention of many because of what they saw.

The video shows that the people are just praying and having mass while a tourist was filming the statue and then suddenly the eyes of the statue of Jesus opened. According to paranormal experts, sometimes these things happen and now it is going viral all over social media because many people were shocked of the video. The video has gone viral all over and many people cant still believed of what happened. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube