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Vice Ganda Accidentally Breaks A TV Screen On Stage On "It's Showtime"

The phenomenal TV Host and actor, Vice Ganda, has been on the social media spotlight after what happened on one of their episodes was brought to social media. We all know that the TV Host for his great acting skills

and as well as his super witty jokes and has brought fun and laughter to many people. Now, another one of their crazy stunts in the show has caught the attention of the people once again as it goes viral all over.

The video shows that Vice Ganda was just following the acting on the segment called "Sine Mo To"and he was asked to kick a prop which hit a TV Screen in the studio.

The prop hit the lower right corner of the flat screen and causes that part to be shattered. Vice Ganda later on apologizes to all the people and many people find it really hilarious. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube