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This Singing Boy Was Found Trapped Inside A Wall For Two Years!

A video is now going around social media after authorities found this boy that has been missing for two years. We all see different kinds of crazy news all over the internet and it has always surprise us

because of the incredible and almost impossible yet true events that had happened. Like this one video report that is really insane and now many social media users were intrigued of what happened to the boy for the two years he had been missing.

The video shows a boy was rescued by the authorities after people reported that there is a weird sound coming from the inside of the wall. People who are passing by were afraid because no one was there but they hear a voice that was singing while they are walking around the wall. The authorities have been looking for this boy for two year up until the suspicions came along and they decided to tear the wall apart.

The boy was trapped inside for two years and was rescued by the authorities and people who reported it took a video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube