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This Girl Was Locked Up In A Filthy Shed For Six Years Because Her Parents Didnt Like Her Boyfriend!

A story of a 24-year-old woman who was locked up by her parents in a filthy shed has been making rounds all over the internet. The girl's name is Zhang Qi and six years ago she allowed her boyfriend to her house for her parents to see him yet it was one of the biggest mistake shed did.

She broke up with her boyfriend because her parents forced her to but her viscious parents locked her up in a dirty place.

Photos were posted online by a netizen named Chow Jen because she pitied the girl. Chow Jen said that the people in the town knew that the girl was there but were afraid to tell the authorities because the parents of the girl spread a rumor that she was mentally ill. Though Zhang Qi tried to escape several times but people forbade her to and brought her back to her shed.

Now, the video report is going viral all over social because many people were enraged of what happened and they all gave out of their sentiments. You can watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube