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This Girl Posted Creepy Experience Of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY While On Their Retreat In Pansol Laguna!

A haunting story is now going viral online after a girl shared her expeience of Paranormal Activity while on a retreat in pansol. We all have seen different creepy stories and mysterious things all over social media but this one is now making rounds all over because it really is true. And now their pictures of creepy ghosts and spirits that was taken from the retreat was going viral all over.

The story starts when the girl shared her experience of a retreat in a facebook page called UPHSL Stolen Shots, where in the page feautures different mysterious stolen shots all over the internet that was submitted to them. In her story she shared how she was feeling drained and exhausted on the retreat and how bad her feeling was because she is feeling paranormal beings were around. After the retreat she saw on their photos that the spirits were photobombing their selfies and pictures. Now, the story has gone viral all over. You can go check out the story and pictures on the link below.

Source: Facebook