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The Story Of Junko Furuta, For 44 Days She Was Being Harrased And Beaten!

The case of Junko Furuta is known throughout Japan as the concrete-encased high school girl and it gained the attention nationwide and as well as on social media for its sheer brutality that Furuta had to endure

before she had a horrible death. This has been the talk of the town from social media users as the case rises again on the surface of the social media world.

The video explains how Junko Furuta, a 16-year-old high school girl was kidnapped by a group of young men together with a guy named Jo Kamisaku. She was forced to call her parents and told them that she ran away from and will not be back and was living with a friend.

This has lead the investigation into confusion giving her captors 44 days to harrass, beat and kill the poor girl. The video took the social media by storm and has gone viral all over. You can go check out the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube