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Piolo Pascual Pretends Vice Ganda's Driver During His Birthday Celebration

The actors Vice Ganda and Piolo Pascual has been on the social media spotlight after a clip from an episode of Gandang Gabi Vice was aired and brought to social media.

We all know that the TV host Vice Ganda has been known for his witty sarcastic jokes and creative pranks that he pulls off to different people in the industry but this time the show has a surprise for him as he celebrates his upcoming birthday. Now, Piolo volunteers to make an amazing prank to Vice and it has brought a joy to many netizens on social media.

The video shows that Vice Ganda just finished a shooting and he decided to go home, so he goes to his car and his staff assisted him yet little did he kniw that the cameras are all ready and the prank was already been set up. Now, Piolo pretends to be his driver, he drove all away around the city and Vice already irritated and notice that it took a long way to go home when his house is just near. So he ask the driver, "is this your first time going to the town house?" but he was surprised when he saw that it was a different driver and it was Piolo.

It immediately went viral all over social media and many fans and supporters were happy about it. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube