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Model From Thailand Divorces Elderly Millionaire Husband. You Wont Believe Her Reason Behind The Decision!

A video report is now going viral after a Thai model star named Nong Nat reported to social media that she will divorce her millionaire husband because of some serious health reasons.

We all know that a few years ago the Thai star married the mulitimillionaire Harold Nesland and have been happy because she newly discovered spiritual enlightenment in Buddhism. Now, recently she posted photos on social media that she will be divorcing her husband for some serious health reasons.

The video report shows that the millionaire husband had gome through a thorough check up because his detoriating health. Now, they discovered that the husband have serious health issues and this had lead her to the decision of divorcing her husband for fear that he might have a heart attack when they are together.

The video report caught the attention of many netizens because they gave out their negative sentiments regarding the matter and it has gone viral all over social media. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube