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Maja Salvador Sizzling Video In Bikini, But Netizens Noticed Something At The Guy Behind!

The phenomenal actress and model, Maja Salvador, has been on the social media spotlight after a video of her was brought to social media and she has been the talk of the town ever since.

We all know that the actress is famous in the industry because of her great acting and dancing skills and most of the time many people are dazzled of her beauty because she is really attractive. Now, a video of her is making netizens go crazy as she gives out her amazing dance moves on the video.

The video shows that Maja Salvador suddenly dances infront of a foreign guy who is playing guitar by the beach. It was really a beautiful sight as Maja graces her body with her incredible and beautiful dance moves. You will be amazed of her dancing while in her sizzling bikini on fire.

But what caught the netizens attention is that they noticed something weird with the guy playing the guitar in the video which made the video so viral all over social media to the point that many social media users, pages and channels reblogged the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube