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Liza Soberano Was Spotted As One Of The Audiences Giving Shampoo On 'Eat Bulaga's Juan For All, All For One'

A throwback video about the phenomenal actress and model, Liza Soberano, has been going around on many social media websites.

We all know that the actress is now being admired by many people across the world and in fact she was hailed as one of the top most beautiful women of the world.
Now, a video about her is going viral because she was spotted in the audiences in one of the segments in a show on Eat Bulaga.

The video shows that the Trio comedian was doing their usually sugod bahay segment and part of it was giving out cash and prizes to the lucky person who was picked that day. In the video, they gave out "Vaseline" shampoo and Liza was seen as one of the audience giving out the shampoo, people are pushing her and were all going crazy because of the free shampoo that they gave out.

Now, the video has gone viral all over because many netizens were surprised by on how Liza was like back then. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook