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Kim Domingo Is The New Queen Of Catwalk! Sinon Loresca Vs. Kim Domingo Video Goes Viral!

We all have seen and heard about the King of Catwalk Sinon Loresca recently as his video went viral just after the Miss Universe Pageant when he uploaded a way to do the catwalk in his own bikini.

Now, many netizens cant get enough of it as a new video took the social media by storm when he uploaded a catwalk battle between him and the actress and model Kim Domingo. Social media users were surprised after they have seen the video and now lauding them for bringing fun and laughter and for the video that they did.

The video shows that Kim Domingo suddenly did a catwalk and it was captioned Sinon Loreca Vs. Kim Domingo. Displaying her dazzling beauty and amazing summer body figure, Kim blazes the floor with her intense catwalk. Then suddenly Sinon appeared and did his own catwalk with flair and together with Kim they ended it with an amazing walk which caught and surprised many netizens online.

The video went viral all over as many netizens, pages, and channels reblogged the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook