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Julia Barretto Kicked Josh After She Got Hurt While Riding A Bike Together With Him!

The actress and model, Julia Barretto, has been on the social media spotlight after a video of her was brought to social media by fan. We all know that Joshua Garcia and Julia have been in good terms and many fans and supporters

cant help but be happy for the two. But now they are going viral because of what Julia did to Josh after having a stroll on a bike.

In the video it showed that the two were enjoying a stroll, yeah, they were all mushy and cute. They are kinda sweet and they were teasing each other. Yet after the stroll, Julia got hurt on her hands and she then kicked Josh jokingly because she was kinda pissed.

The video went viral all over and many netizens gave out their negative and positive sentiments on the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube