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He Wrote This Heartbreaking Poem For His Ex-Girlfriend And It Brought Tears To The Eyes Of Many Readers

A viral story is now making rounds all over social media after a facebook page posted online a poem from one of their followers. We all know that Poems are really an expression of one's self, sometimes

it really gets emotional to the point that it touches the hearts of the readers and has moved them into tears. Like this poem that has gone viral all over social media.

The poem posted by the page called De La Salle University - Secret Files and it came from a person with a pseudo name KD22 and it was very beautiful. The poem is about how she fell in love with a woman and some things happened that they didnt end up with each other but still in a good relationship like being a Ninong to the baby of the girl.

It was so dramatic and beautiful that many netizens were brought into tears and has gone viral all over. You can go check out the story on the link below.

Source: Facebook