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Fliptop Rapper Shernan Goes Viral Because Of This Video!

The Fliptop Rapper, Shernan, has been on the social media spotlight after the video he uploaded on facebook. We all know that Shernan is also a huge comedian and as well as a good rapper in using his bars and many people lauded him for being so witty.

Now, a video of him has gone viral because of another witty joke that he had uploaded and many netizens were getting crazy because of it.

The video shows that Shernan was seen with a girl and now complaining about it. He said on the caption that it is always the girl's fault in become so needy.

The video gained the attention of many netizens and it has gone viral all over because many netizens gave out their sentiments and sided with the Rapper. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook