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Ellen Adarna's Response To The World's Hottest Math Teacher Who's Dying Meet Her In Philippines!

The actress and model, Ellen Adarna, has been the talk of the town on social media after an admiration from a man named Pietro Boselli also known on social media as "The World's Hottest Math Teacher".

We all have seen a lot of people admiring the actress all over the internet but usually they are fans and supporters yet this one caught the attention of many social media users because it is from of one the most admired social media sensation.

In the video, Pietro said that he was telling the truth in the conference he attended that when he saw Ellen's photo he thought she was really beautiful and he admired her for looks and beauty. The actress later on uploaded a video on his social media accounts and responded to Pietro telling him that she loves math and also would like to make time for him and someday be able to him.

The videos have gone viral all over and many netizens were excited for the brewing relationship of the two. You can go check the video on the link below.

Source: Facebook / Instagram