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Ella Cruz Hits The Dance Floor With A Sexy Yet Wholesome Interpretative Dance Of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You' With Julian Trono!

The actress and dancer, Ella Cruz, has been on the social media spotlight after a dance video has brought to social media. We all know that Ella Cruz has been famous because of her great dancing skills

and her amazing dance videos and now once again one of her videos has took the social media by storm and many netizens were impressed by their dance.

In the video it shows Ella Cruz together with Julian Trono they grace the room with their incredible dance moves. It was an interpretative dance of the song called "Shape of You" and many netizens were amazed by their moves. It was a sexy but wholesome kind of dance which emphasizes their dancing skills.

The video became viral all over social media as many of the fans, pages, channels and websites reblogged the video. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube