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Chinese Model Claims Her BF Has Been Abusing Her For 3 Years Which Made Her Chest To Become Out Of Shape!

A story report has gone viral all over social media after a Chinese model named Wang Rui Er brought to social media a tragic incident about her and her boyfriend.

We all have seen different kinds of abuse and domestic violence all over social media and it has always angered many people all over the world. Like this story of this model that caught the attention of many netizens becauss they couldn't believe what his boyfriend has done to her.

According to the website called Stomp, Wang posted on social media series of status and stories about how his boyfriend have been beating her up and abusing her and has this cause her chests to be deformed and out of shape. Now, photos of said evidences have been found by the authorities amd many people have helped and posted it on socaol media and now it has gone viral all over.

Many netizens gave out their angered sentiments to the boyfriend and comforting sympathies to the model and wishing her well. You can go check out the video on the link below.

Source: Stomp