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BEWARE: College Girl Shares Her Experience After Miraculously Escapes Potential Abusers!

A report is now going viral online all over social media after a woman named Estelle Oandasan brought to facebook a horrible incident that had happened to her. We all know that crime especially kidnapping is running rampant today
and many netizens are always alert when it comes to securing themselves. Like what happened to this young woman after she brought her father in a hospital because of health complications.

In the report she said that after bringing her father to the hospital she needed to go home because they left at home their phones. So when she was waiting for a taxi to passby, a suspicious toyota innova stopped near her. After 10 minutes, the driver opened the windows and then showed her something and a man together with driver tried to grabbed her arms but luckily she fought back and ran as fast as she could.
She took pictures of the car and told her story on facebook and it is now going viral. You can go check out the story on the link below.

Source: Facebook