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Beauty Gonzalez' Latest Shoot Gets Criticized And Here's What She Has To Say About It!

The actress and model, Beauty Gonzales, is now on the social media spotlight after a controversial photoshoot spreads online. We all know that the actress is known for her dazzling beauty and amazing shoots

but this time it caught the attention of many netizens and has gained many negative sentiments to the point that it shots were fired from the actress to her bashers.

The shoot shows pictures of beauty sitting on a chair inside a church with the background of saints and statues. It was looking like somewhat of a "church" but the truth is it is an antique house with such things in it. This has lead many netizens into confusion and have bashed her saying to respect the sacred places of the church and rather shoot elsewhere. But the actress responded to the bashers that they should unfollow her if they dont want such post,

Ellen backed her up saying "Mga Ignoranteng Ul*l is the right term." Check out the photo shoot on the link below.

Source: Instagram