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Andrea Brillantes Was Disappointed By Her Elder Sister's Lack Of Respect To Her

The social media sensation and young actress, Andrea Brillantes, has been the talk of the town after a video of her caught the attention of many netizens on social media. We all know that Brillantes is very popular

in social media because of her videos and a has built a solid fan base on different pages. But this time many netizens were surprise of a video of her where in she showed another side of her personality.

In the video it shows that Andrea was just happily checking her phone and eating cookings while her elder sister comes in and then took the last cookie from her hand. Andrea suddenly started shouting and really disappointed at what happened and told her sister that she needs to show her some respect.

The video immediately went viral all over and many netizens found the video really funny. You can go watch the video on the link below.

Source: Youtube