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'Unknown Creature' Washed Up On The Shore Of Dinagat Islands In The Philippines

A video report of a concerned facebook user from Dinagat Islands made many netizens terrified after she brought to social media this Unidentified Sea Creature that was washed im the shore. Recently, a lot of cases have been happenning in the different coastal areas of the country and many people are worried about it.

In the post she included photos of this creature and as well as videos but according to scientist, they cannot identify the creature immediately because it has died for quite some time and it was wash up ashore in the island. Many people said that this creature is one of the yet to be discovered deep sea creatures and legend has it that when deep sea creatures were washed up ashore a huge earthquake is about to come. This could be seen in different coastal areas were in deep sea fishes such as oar fishes were washed up in the shores.

Source: Facebook