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This Man Was Found Alive After 3 Months In Sunken Ship!

A video is now going viral all over social media after a man was rescued in a sunken ship by scuba divers in South Africa. We all have seen different kinds of miracles on social media and this one really caught the attention of many social media and were left shocked because of what happened.

The video shows the actual footage of the south african scuba divers who made a dead bodies recovering effort in a nigerian sunken ship. The divers were all shocked when they found a man named Harrison Okene who was alive and he luckily survives because he found an air pocket for himself as the ship sunk in the bottom of the ocean. The rescue of him was successful though at first he looked like afraid but then he realized that they are there to rescue him. The video immediately went viral all over social media users because many were astonished of the story.

Source: Youtube