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This Guy's Photoshopping Skills Is Legit, Now He Is Going Viral After Doing These Hilarious Photos With Celebrities!

A video of is now making rounds all over social media because of a guy who made a video compilation of famous celebrities with a unique twist. We all have dreamed to meet our idols and we would do everything if ever we have the chance to get a glimpse of them but this guy totally went too far with his dream and made this brilliant crazy idea and made him viral online.

The guys name is Karl Kok and many netizens praise his photo editing skills and calling him "Photoshop Level 9999" because he edited images of famous celebrities and made them look like they are together. The video was later on brought to facebook by a page called Tee Radio and it immediately went viral all over. Many netizens share their ideas and as well as find the video very hilarious.

Source: Facebook