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Look: How Liza Soberano Reacts To Her Fan After Bodyguard Tried To Push Her Away!

The phenomenal actres and ever beautiful, Liza Soberano, is on the social media spotlight after a video from a mall tour was uploaded on social media. We all know the recent release of her movie "My Ex and Whys" and now she is going around different places to visit and promote and many of their fans have always gathered in such events.

The video shows that Liza is at the side of the stage when people had mobbed her. Now, a fan shouted and asked if she could take a picture with her, then, the body guard suddenly pushed the fan away and liza insisted that the girl should be allowed to pass through to have a picture together with her. The video has gone viral all over and many netizens lauded her for what she did.

Source: Facebook