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Controversial: Sinio Getting Sued By Ann Mateo's Parents After Fliptop Battle Went Viral! Find Out Here!

Following the controversial rap battle of the two popular fliptop emcees, Sinio and Shehyee, it was epic that it took the social media by storm and now another issue rises as the girlfriend of Shehyee was brought up in the battle. We all know that fliptop is a league of rappers where in they trash talk one another and was always uploaded on Youtube but then again we cant control the outcome of people who will be caught in the issue.

This time, the rapper Sinio brought to facebook a post that the issue is getting quite serious. He said on his post that he is getting sued by the Parents of the model and social media sensation Ann B. Mateo and was telling everyone that he is just  poor. He also replied in the comments that he can't take back what he said because it is already out there in the battle and all he need to do is just to face the case. The post gained the attention of many social media users and immediately went viral all over.

Source: Facebook