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Anne Curtis Got Mad At Jhong Hilario After Doing This To Her After A Set In Showtime!

The celebrity host and actress, Anne Curtis, after a video of her was brought to social media. We all have seen different videos of Anne Curtis and some of them are really funny because of her friends in the show. Now, another one has been going around because of what her co-host Jhong Hilario did to her after a set in Showtime.

The video shows that actress was walking down the hallway together with her cohost Vhong Navarro and were thanking the fans for their support. Little did she know that Jhong was also there waiting for her and is planning something that would really shocked her. Jhong blend in inside the crowd and waited for Anne and Vhong. The moment they turned the hallway he immediately shouted and made Anne scream and shocked and surprised. You can see that Anne had the composure to get along with the prank but she gave a mad look at Jhong and was really looking pissed.

Source: Youtube