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Willie Revillame Proposes To Miss Universe Curacao And She Said Yes!

We all know that the Miss Universe is making a buzz all over the country because the pageant was conducted here in Philippines. And recently all eyes are on the candidates and there are a lot of guestings on different shows on TV. But what caught the attention of social media users is the show of Willie Revillame called Wowowin and candidates from the Miss Universe guested on the said show.

Willie didn't let the opportunity pass with his foreign guest, he gave out his gifts to the candidates and while explaining things for them he suddenly went on his knees and then asked Miss Curacao "Will you marry me?" Now, Miss Curacao answered a huge yes to the proposal and the audience became crazy. Willie then joked about the they will be going home now but then continued with the show. The video caught the attention of many social media users and now he has gone viral all over.

Source: Youtube