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WATCH: Pia Wurtzbach Gives Steve Harvey A Pair Of Eyeglasses Before Announcing The Final Result!

Everyone can remember what happened in the last year's Miss Universe Coronation Night. It was so controversial and has been a worldwide issue because of an epic mistake that has been made by the host, Steve Harvey. And now the host is going viral again but this time not because of a mistake but what Pia Wurtzbach did during the announcement of the final result.

While Steve Harvey is about to announce the final result, Pia Wurtzbach suddenly walked in and hand iphim a pair of eyeglasses. Everyone laughed as it was portrayed as a joke pointing out the mistake he made last year. Steve Harvey then joked about it and said "Thank you Pia, its a year late but thank God". Now the video is going viral all over and many netizens found the video hysterically hilarious.

Source: Facebook