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Watch: Liza Soberano Was Visited By Enrique Gil And They Were Caught On Cam Doing This!

The famous teen celebrity love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil were now the talk of the town on social media because of a video that was going viral all over the internet. The two were famous in their movies and love story series called "Dolce Amore" and even then many of the fans and supporters were speculating whats the real score between them. Though the two announced that Enrique was courting Liza yet fans couldn't help but be happy for the two as they saw a lot of behind the scenes sweet moments of them. Just like this video that is going around social media websites.

The video shows that Enrique just came to visit Liza and he saw that there was a baby beside her and the mother of the baby. At first they were talking about how to kiss and later on to the surprise of many, they demonstrated how to do it. The video has become viral all over the internet as fans, supporters, channels and pages were reblogging the video.

Source: Youtube